About nemako

Our core competence is production process efficiency. We draw on and make use of our expert knowledge relating to all aspects of the production process. From design and construction through prototyping up to production, we oversee the entire development and manufacturing process.

Master Carpenter Stefan Stüdlein founded nemako in an attempt to break through the boundaries between craftsmanship and series production with the aim of connecting the savings and efficiency potential of series production with the individuality and love of detail.

Prototypes – Short Runs – Mass Production

We accompany your product ideas with expertise and experience

We are partners of companies from a variety of industries in the capacity of product developer, presentation specialist, contract manufacturer or commissioned producer. nemako makes a wide range of products and fixtures both on its own initiative as well as to customer specifications. In doing so, from the initial idea through to series production, all product and manufacturing aspects are continuously evaluated and optimised with regard to their value and economic efficiency. We are only satisfied when we have achieved optimal results.

The production itself is carried out by global manufacturing partners as through that we are able to cater for the individual needs of our clients and always secure the most cost effective and efficient manufacturing route. Our long-term outsourcing experience offers customers the best combination of German development and inexpensive production abroad saving valuable time, money and nerves in the process.